Once a upon a time in a land of wonder...
there was a young maiden who blogged about Ever After High. And these are her creations plus others'.


No make up Apple


Ashlynn and Hunter 


Inspired by this dress and teatime-with-maddie's idea of Briar in a gorgeous quinceanera dress!

1.6 || 2.19


I wanted to doodle the parents of the current main characters of Ever After High as they were while they were in high school but since there are no flashbacks I had to wing it a bit.

Enjoy my headcanons! BOOM!

Mr. Badwolf's transformations


Everywhere, everybody know me~

Briii ♥♥



i went to the eah tag to see if the cerise episode is out instead i get thronecoming trailer and THIS SCREENSHOT

from this post

i am crack shipping trash u can call me trashboat now