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A reputation to uphold, part II.


My mom said I should add Poppy so I am.


Wanted to do Kitty in some hot pink and purple!


"Feels like home."  I have this headcannon that Kitty and Maddie throw Tea parties for Lizzie to cheer her up.

Maddie Lizzie and Kitty are all © Mattel. All rights reserved. 


More Ever After High Yearbook preview!

It looks so nicely done, I really like the signatures page, I can’t wait to read all of them! Personally I would not want Headmaster Grimm’s signature, but whatevs.


Feeling rather sad, it feels like I am only hitting stone walls as I try to search for jobs, so here, have a sketch of Raven loosing her fight with destiny too.

No good deed goes unpunished.


I don’t believe these two have really interacted in canon, but I think they have the potential to be friends! With Ashlynn’s connection and understanding of animals, I think she’d be really chill in regard to Cerise’s wolfy side. Plus, Cerise is probably the only person besides Hunter who shares a similar love of the outdoors with Ashlynn.

Another connection that I think has a lot of potential is the fact that Cerise’s parent’s situation is similar to Ashlynn and Hunter’s, in that the couples aren’t really supposed to be together. Because of that, I could see Cerise defending Ashlynn if anyone were to give her grief about her relationship with Hunter. After all, the fact that Cerise exist and is perfectly fine is proof that you don’t need to follow the script. I think that fact could comfort Ashlynn in knowing that she’s made the right choice.


I thought Maddie would be cute dressed as a cupcake!


can’t wait for kitty’s doll!